Stability issues with Tasmota and Asuswrt-Merlin

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Hi Guy's.

I noticed that my AX-58U (with Merlin 384.19) is really struggling with my Tasmota Devices.

Things I tried to fix, reached from changing Wi-Fi and DHCP Settings etc. up to the point at that I nuked everything and set up everything from scratch.
Flashed the newest Tasmota Firmware and did a clean installation on my AX-58U.

Current Problem:
Somehow the Tasmota Devices are just not responding in the Alexa App. I can see them and sometimes I can switch them on and off but at a certain point they lose connection and don't respond anymore. Strangely they are rock solid connected via Wi-Fi, but they don't respond in the Alexa App.

Actually I reached a somehow stable Point and I want to share it:

On the Tasmota Device:
Flashed the newest Firmware
MQTT disabled
Device Name not set (just the friendly name)
Device with 1 relay (Belkin WeMo emulation acitvated)
Device with 2 relays (Hue Bridge emulation activated)

Manually changed the following via console:
Set up a fixed IP-Address:
IPAddress1 192.168.XX.XX (fixed address)
IPAddress2 192.168.XX.XX (IP of the Gateway)
IPAddress3 (Subnet)
IPAddress4 192.168.XX.XX ((IP of the DNS)
restart 1

TelePeriod 10
WifiConfig 5
Timezone 99 (German Timezone)
SetOption55 1 (enable mDNS service)
Sleep 0 (disable Sleep)

On the Asus Router under LAN -> DHCP-Server I manually assigned the Tasmota Devices to their corresponding fixed IP-Address and DNS-Server from the step above.

Maybe someone has another suggestion that helps to reach a rock solid Setup with Tasmota and Asuswrt-Merlin.
So I'm open for any suggestion, thanks !

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