Strange issue with my Asus RT-AC88U

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I have a strange issue with my Asus RT-AC88U.
It has the latest Merlin 386.3_2 version.

1) Factory reset with the reset button
2) Connect my computer to LAN 1
3) Try to reach
4) Wait, refresh the page sometimes (GUI is very slow)
5) Enter some Wifi settings and other to finish the quick start guide (very slow)
6) GUI shows that the router has a 100 Mbps connection at LAN 2 but it has only one cable plugged into LAN 1
7) LOG flood: "kernel: br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address"
8) Try to reach the router through LAN 2 -> Windows: Network cable unplugged

Full system log:

What can I do?

Thanks for your answer.
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I think you have bad hardware. Any unusual behavior like this after a reset to factory defaults is not good.

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