Temporary router - D-Link DWR-953 or Draytek Vigor 2762n?


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Hi all,

Follow on from another recent thread where I intend to find a good value replacement for my failed Asus router, I have borrowed two routers from work for now as per title to tide me over but can't decide which to use.

I have 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi devices and a number of wired devices via 2 Gigabit switches, mid terraced house, furthest devices would probably be about 8 metres roughly from the router (including 1 repeater)
Roughly around 30 devices in total.
Using a 5GHz SSID (WPA2), a 2.4GHz SSID (Mac filtering) and another 2.4GHz SSID (WPA2) as a guest network.

This is just to keep me going for a little bit until I can find a good deal on a full time replacement. I've read some reviews and can't see a huge deal of difference, I would lose one of the 4 ports with my Virginmedia Hub 3 on the Draytek but no real issue as can use an available port on my switch for one of the 4 devices.

Just hoping to get a bit of feedback on those two models if possible.

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Does it really matter?

Use one or both and plan on your replacement sooner than later.

It's better than relying on the ISP provided equipment.


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Sounds fair. I didn't know if one might be a renowned lemon with loads of issues so thought best to post out and see if anyone knows any major failings as may be a month or something and need it to be fairly reliable to work from home too. The wifi seems much the same on both I think.


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The Vigor 2762n appears to be a single band n-only device. If that's true and the DWR-953 is dual band ac use that.


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Absolutely not, it's 1234567812345678

12345678 was too guessable

Anyway, returning to my other thread...


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Forgot to say the other brand I had personal good experience with was Linksys. I have an old Linksys hooked up to my 16+ year old webcam as a wireless bridge on a timer plug. It has been flawless for many many years on DD-WRT. I think that's my main complication and reason for not using security on the 2.4GHz as can't get to the Linksys easily if it goes pear shaped.


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It has been flawless for many many years on DD-WRT

That old Linksys on DD-WRT is likely your best option for the edge device handling the routing from a security perspective - get it current there... it won't be fast perhaps, but it will be secure.

The DLink, well, they're well known for security issues...

The Draytek is a VDSL/ADSL CPE device, so depends on whether or not you can configure it be an AP only device or not...

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