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Tenda MW3 Nova - Wifi network crashes when I connect a node with cable

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by blickbox, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. blickbox

    blickbox New Around Here

    Oct 11, 2018
    TLDR; Set up gateway in bridge mode. Connect node with cable in second LAN port. Wifi Internet is now inaccessable, clients keep connecting/disconnecting constantly, and app does not work (won't find product). All okey again as soon as I disconnect cable. Why?

    Long version: I needed to get wifi up to my roof terrasse, and bought this stupid product.

    Regardless of where I put any wireless AP inside, the signal will be visible for clients on the roof, but it will either provide no data at all, or max 1Mbit.

    I have ethernet cable up there, so I was thinking, should be easy to just connect a node up there, and I will have a Wifi signal that just works everywhere without worry about stupid clients (looking at you iPhone) who won't switch automaticallly to the strongest signal. I already tried a cabled repeater, but clients will usually hang on to weakest signal instead of just connecting to a stronger one (why!?)

    So I bought this cheap mesh thing, and it turns out connecting node via ethernet is not a documented feature (despite being advertised on their product site!), and I had to read this thread to even find out how to do it. Only way was to set gateway up with cable in port 1. When setup, switch to bridge mode, and move cable to port 2. Then connect node with cable in it's port 2.

    But problem is, as soon as the node is connected to the switch, the entire Wifi network seems to crash. iPhone constantly disconnecting, and if it stays connected, internet will not work, and neither will the Tenda app - it will say It can't find any networks.

    I spent all day replacing the ethernet cable, because I was sure that was the problem. It was not.

    So does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  2. degrub

    degrub Very Senior Member

    Dec 21, 2015
    since you have an ethernet cable to the terrace, just get a simple AP (ac version) and put it in a location out of the weather ( it will have to stay cool and must be dry). Otherwise, look for one that is designed for outdoors.

    The only easy thing you can do about trying to get clients to drop, is to reduce the transmit power for the inside one.
    If 5Ghz works inside, you could turn off 2.4 Ghz inside. The loss of 5ghz signal from the inside due to diminished signal , should force a switch to the outside AP. 2.4 may be penetrating just well enough.

    Otherwise it is up to the client.

    MESH is generally a low throughput tech of last resort when nothing else works and you cannot deploy APs. They really were not designed for wired back haul- just peer to peer at half duplex or on different bands (2.4 and 5).