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Zen Wifi Pro Xt12 Pair. Unable to change node operation

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Dave Edwards

New Around Here
Hi. I purchased xt12 pro as a kit pair 12 months go. It was a major headache getting the Wireless backhaul working on the 5.2Ghz. More out of luck (I suspect) it started working and has been solid up until last week (coincidentally exactly 12 months to the date I purchase them). I had updated the FW last november and no other recent changes.

Despite strong 5Ghz signal in spots I used to have the node, the backhaul only connects at 2.4Ghz unless I am 7 feet away. I have tried every combination I can think of: reverted to old FW, tried Merlin stable, and latest 6.1 beta; disabled 160Mhz, set channel and bandwidth manually. I also "switched" modes so that the original mesh node, is now the primary router and vice versa. (wired bachhaul is not an option; at least not any time soon). If anyone has a fool proof way to force 5ghz backhaul then please enlighten me.

Any way I decided to repurpose the AIMesh node to Bridge. Turns out even that is not so simple. I have done full reset with WPS, attached with cable to laptop and started the node. However the node always tries to pair with the router. I think this is because I purchase them as a pair ! (I never have to manual search for aimesh node). I have a short period of time before this auto re-pair begins. Unfortunately it is not sufficient time. I get as far as selecting the Wifi to connect to, enter wifi password and then in middle of setting up the logon for the router, the node enters pairing mode and I cannot complete the change to Bridge. Any suggestions?

Turn off your main router. Physically unplug the AC power cord.

Fully reset the other node.

Put it in the configuration mode you want.
Thanks. 👍

I was unable to set bridge to use 5.2.Ghz. Is that a known limitation ?

However, it's connecting with 5.1Ghz and link rate fluctuating between 650 and 720Mbps. Is it normal to see the link rate fluctuate or will it settle? Long term I will retry AIMesh setup again, but I've spent so much time with these expensive routers lately, I need breathing space.

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