Tenda Nova MW6 running half speed

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New Around Here
Hi all. V limited networking experience/knowledge here so please bare with!
I’ve set up the mesh system fine, with the ‘master’ unit connected via Ethernet to my Virgin Media hub. Two additional MW6 hubs set up all fine, and new ssid set up (to differentiate from my ISP ssid). Trouble is I’m getting pretty much exactly half the speed I should if I connect to the mesh vs the ISP router. Downloads steady at about 50mbs (sometimes peaking up to 70), yet I get 100mbs if I’m connected directly to my Virgin Media router (hub). Downloads both max out at 10mbs. This is regardless if I’m standing next to one of the mesh boxes. Driving me mad! Any clever clogs out there have any tips I could try?! Have tweaked all settings possible in the Tenda app so starting to think it’s something else...

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