The rmerlin donation thread.

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Donated $20, thanks for implementing my request of ipsec.postconf and strongswan.postconf!


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I just did a donation to express my gratitud..

@The developer:
It's a fantastic project and your custom firmware adds that little extra that is missed in the stock firmware from Asus. In my case I needed policy based routing for my RT-AX88U. My OpnSense minipc is now a mediaplayer :)

Without this firmware I probably would not have bought the Asus router... Keep up the good work, hopefully Asus will let you continue developing/maintaining the code!

Cheers! :)
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Have a good one Eric! ;):)


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Over the years I've used TomatoUSB and DDWRT with the WRT54G, Tomato Shibby with the N66U, and now Merlin with the AX88U. I've used Optware, Entware, Entware-NG, and now Entware-3x merged. I've scoured through websites, forums, and GitHub wikis. The knowledge available is unreal and I love to tinker and optimize like the majority of you here!

After creeping around these forums for quite a while, I finally setup my SNB account today and sent a donation to the man himself. I feel like SNB is the best community around, and Merlin's firmware based off the original ASUS drivers is my safest bet for NAT/FA/OpenVPN cryptography acceleration.

I know $10 isn't a lot, but I had to show some appreciation. Your work and the knowledge available at SNB is worth so much more! Thank you!
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If anyone decides to donate specifically for the DNS-over-TLS inclusion in the near future, please mention so in the Paypal comment field. I'll make sure that gets forwarded to its developer, @themiron. :)

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If anyone decides to donate specifically for the DNS-over-TLS inclusion in the near future
Oh, that's great. Donation 've made. Thanks a lot for your (and all fellow developers) hard work!


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Paypal wouldn't let me do a traditional payment, so I did it a different way. Couldn't add a note either. Please send/shard ~20 USD of this with @themiron for his work and thank you for the amazing router firmware!

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Donated $5. It's all I could spare at the moment. I shall be donating more later - especially after the brilliant work in 384.11.


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I mentioned 384.11 in my donation.. so ya it's partly about DoT, but also all your hard work.


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Donation sent. Thanks so much for all your work on this! Bought my AC-5300 about a month ago and your firmware has been a joy as both a turnkey solution and a tinkerer's dream. 384.11 has been an awesome upgrade over 384.10_2. Cheers, buddy.

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