The rmerlin donation thread.


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Donated. For Eric (RMerlin), John (john9527) and others, who makes (and contributes to making of) great custom firmwares for Asus routers. Thank you!


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I think rmerlin deserves some financial thanks, so I sent him a couple bucks.

Post below when you support rmerlin with a donation! Thank you, rmerlin for all the hard work you do.

To donate-

1) go to the Asuswrt-Merlin official website ( from RMerlin's post-
2) the paypal donation button is on the left
3) donate!
4) feel good you gave the guy that makes your router awesome some cash
5) post here if you wish to share the joy
Here here I only donate a fiver every now and then but if we all did that the man would have heaps of routers for future development and in turn it's us who benefits


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Sent a little bonus as a thanks for putting the effort into enabling AiMesh in your firmware @RMerlin - it’s made my network so much better/more efficient!

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donation sent


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Donation sent. Again, thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated.
As I wrote, it seems that my journey through all the modems and custom fw's has now ended with the RT-AC86U and your fw.
Absolutely loving it, couldn't be happier.

All the best from Athens, Greece
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Donated $50 USD! Thank you, man! Please fix jffs issue on 384.14 Beta 1 with rt-ax88u router, all other is good!
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If anyone is looking for a great deal after Black Friday/Cyber Monday, consider the long-term benefits of a donation to your favorite firmware developer.

And don't forget about the authors of your favorite scripts as well!


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$25 incoming. Should of done this months ago. Thank you good sir.


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Thanks for the firmware. Transaction 3BV84165MV1284228.


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sent a donation, thank you for your amazing work ;).

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