The rmerlin donation thread.

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Mark Taylor

Occasional Visitor
Thanks for all you hard work and effort you put into making these Asus routers great with your firmware. Keep up the great work and although I am not very active on here I do learn a lot and have used your firmware for years. My $50 annual donation is on it's way to you. Have a great Xmas and New Year.


Very Senior Member
Thanks for all the effort. Made my donation on December 5.


Senior Member
Just made my modest donation as well. Happy Holidays and thank you once again for your amazing work.


Very Senior Member
Thank you Eric for your continuous efforts to develop and maintain your excellent firmware for Asus routers. Wish you a Happy New Year!


Senior Member
Your tireless contributions for the ASUS Router community is unbounded and constantly amazes me. Cheers to 2020! Donation OTW. Peace.


Senior Member
Donation on its way, all the best in 2020 @RMerlin


New Around Here
AX88U user here. Just upgraded from AC87U and now on rock solid 384.15. Thanks for all your hard work. Donation made to keep the wolves at bay.


Regular Contributor
Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication! Made a donation today to help further the cause. ;)


Very Senior Member
Donation just made. Thanks for the advice and efforts!


Occasional Visitor
Donation made. I just recently downloaded Merlin's FW and it is solid as a Rock. Thanks for your time supporting ASUS routers and this forum.


New Around Here

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Donation sent. Thanks for your hard work!


Occasional Visitor
Donated as well.
Started using Asuswrt-Merlin back in the N66U days, and stuck with it for a long time, then migrated to Shibby's tomato due to better support of USB LTE modems. After I got some more Asus gear, I used official firmware because back then only that had Ai-mesh support. Now all but one of my routers are running Merlin, and there is no going back. :)
Thank you!

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