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The USB modem reset issue during reboot.

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New Around Here
I use RT-AC66U-B1 with Merlin FW (384.8_2) and I need periodically (once per day) reboot my router and USB LTE modem connected to it. I done it by using an internal scheduler (Administration/System/Enable reboot scheduler). Even if modem will hanged up it is guarantee to return it to online next day. But not always... Periodically after about 1,5 month uptime USB modem doesn't reset during reboot. But if we loged in WEB interface and push the Reboot button at the top of page the USB modem will reseted perfect. After a few cases I've found the possible cause of that - USB port will reset perfect during schedule reboot if we clean the System log in advance. So it looks like a bug of some overflow.
I have a 2 questions:
  1. What is the difference beetwin manual reboot by pushing the Reboot key and shceduled reboot?
  2. Is it possible to clean the system log automaticaly after a few reboots or by log size?

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