Two Wi-Fi Routers to create 2 separate networks

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I have a "main" router (router #1) connected to a modem and thus the Internet. This router can be accesses by anyone in my small business. But I also do some sensitive office work that I would like to keep private and thought of attaching a second router.

Router #1 is a NightHawk x6s AC3000 and my second router is a NightHawk R6700V3 AC1750

Most of the reading talks about setting router #1's address to and router #2's address to

My problem is that router #2 is an ExpressVPn router with an address of and I am fearful of changing it's router address in that I would not be able to address its admin page via browser.

I read that I should set up each router one at a time and ultimately connecting router #1 to the modem and connecting router #2 LAN to LAN (or WAN)?

My concern is the configuration of and thus connection of router #2 to give me the privacy I am looking for


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Connect router 2 WAN port to router 1 LAN port. Devices on router 2 (you) will be able to access devices on router 1 (the others), but not the other way around. Keep the current LAN IP of router 2 if you like, make sure it's different than the LAN IP of router 1. Your ExpressVPN is a client, so port forwarding on router 1 won't be needed.

(modem) -> WAN (Router 1, LAN IP LAN -> WAN (router 2, LAN IP

To make it more clear, router 1 gets external WAN IP from your ISP DHCP, router 2 gets internal WAN IP from router 1 DHCP. Don't confuse WAN and LAN IP on router 2. It will have 192.168.1.x WAN IP and LAN IP.
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