Solved VLAN VID detection on router

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I am a user of RT-AC86U where LAN4 port is connected to my set-top-box of my ISP's IPTV. They made some change recently to the IPTV service, and I remember that years ago I was able to get the iptv vlan tag id by connecting a computer directly to their cable (no router involved) and checking in wireshark or similar tool the packets.

With the current lockdowns and curfew, my family members' set-top-box stopped getting iptv packets. I guess it is due to the recent updates on the network by the ISP, and they must have changed the iptv vlan tag which is tied to every customer's set-top-box MAC address. Obviously, I am unable to travel to the premises to connect a device before the router but I have VPN access to the router.

I am trying for a week or so to get some meaningful data with entware + tcpdump sniffing tools. However, I keep failing in identifying the vlan id that needs to be updated in the RT-AC86U's LAN > IPTV section. Could anybody help with the command line option, so I can detect update the VLAN VID tag and make things working again?


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OK, at the end I figured it out. In the IPTV section one needs to disable everything and set it to "None". In the terminal through ssh one can catch vlan packets with the following command, sharing it for those looking for a solution:

tcpdump -n -e -l -U -vv -ttt -i any | grep "vlan"
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