When connecting to IPSec VPN Server Router Seems to Reboot


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Possible bug?

I recently updated to the latest Merlin, 386.5_2 for an RT-AC3100. I'm slowly adding back the setup I had previously.

I trying to set up my VPN servers and have come across an issue for the IPSec server. I set it up on the router. There aren't many configuration options for the IPSec server.

I'm trying to connect from an Android phone that I previously used to connect with on an older firmware, 384.16. Now, when I try to connect, it seems to start connecting on the phone. However, the router seems to reboot. The connection on the phone says complete but when I try to access anything on my LAN, nothing shows up or is accessible.

I say that the router seems to reboot because what happens is:
  • the laptop I normally use, loses connection to the router. The 2.4 and 5GHz SSIDs are gone
  • the system log has something like this:
    • May 5 01:05:05 kernel: _ End of Reboot message (12276) ... _______________________________________________________
    • After the ntp server starts, the timestamps on each log message changes from May 5 to the current date and time
I'm testing by connecting the phone to the mobile network and turning off WiFi on the phone.

I tried searching the forums and didn't come across anything similar.

With the previous firmware version I had on the router, 384.16_0, there was no VPN Director and I had two OpenVPN servers and the IPSec server running at all time. I would connect to both the IPSec and one of the OpenVPN servers all the time with no issue.

One difference between the old and new router set up is previously it was set up with a Let's Encrypt certificate and now I am using a self-signed certificate. I don't think that should cause the router to reboot, though.

Is this a known and/or open issue? Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know if there is anything other info required or steps that should be taken to address this.

Thanks in advance.

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