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wifi device keeps disassociating seen in wlcevent log and periodically failing

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I am having a problem with a Ring Bridge device dropping off and receive a error message on the phone app telling me so. Currently running Merlin 388.3_0. Failure occurs randomly it seems, two days in a row or couple weeks apart. Ring LLC replaced the device for me, and the problem remains. I've tried looking around SNBForums and got the idea to take the 'Iot'devices out of the DHCP scope or "bind them". That did not fix it. I've been looking at the wlcevent log and came across a lot of data that I don't think should be happening. I'm attaching that log to reflect what I'm seeing on MAC Address 34:3E:A4:A6:41:0F The most recent failure occured Tue 20 11.34am. I noticed what seems to be a gap in the log (near the bottom) which makes me wonder why and how it's related to my problem. I can provide any other details as needed to help analyze this thing. I just don't want to throw junk at this post that won't help.


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