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I have a Netgear R7800 router. It mostly works, but about once a month gets into a state where one machine on the network can't see other machines. This can be temporarily fixed by rebooting the router.

In working out the problem, I discovered that Netgear provides no support after 90 days, zero, nothing, unless you buy a service contract that costs nearly as much as the router. I'm not buying a Netgear product again.

I have to criticize the SNB route rating for ignoring warranty and quality of support. Support is like a parachute. It doesn't matter until you need it, then it matters a lot.

So which manufacturers provide good support?


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Welcome to the forums.

Asus is far and away the best supported router of all the consumer/prosumer brands available. With firmware releases available for many years after they're new.

The router you have is still excellent. Flash the Voxel firmware for your router and enjoy the quality of your product once again.

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