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Wireless Access Points (w/ POE) for hot environments?

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I will be setting up several wireless access points inside unairconditioned metal KSpan buildings in the high desert of California for a few months. I'd like to run a few POE powered Wireless Access Points but I am looking for ones rated to take high heat that someone has experience using, not just spec sheet hope and pray. I've eyed some industrial WAPs but I'm not trying to pay $1k per WAP. Outdoor water/dust rated would be great (for future reuse) but not required. Any experience with that here?
With the requirements you state, I suspect you'll be paying over $1 per WAP. If this network needs to be dependable and reliable, then look into commercial offerings instead.
I did not have the opportunity to work in extreme conditions but look at:
Weatherproof Enclosure IP67, Operating Temperature: -30–70 ℃ (-22–158 ℉)

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