Wireless client mode in Asuswrt-Merlin?


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I own a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND upgraded to dd-wrt. It does a good job but it's a little old. I'd like to buy an Asus device because it seems there are good routers :) but I have one question :
Does Asuswrt-Merlin have "Client mode" feature like dd-wrt ? I mean the ability to connect the Asus router to an access point, then broadcast another AP at home

Thank you in advance :)


Asuswrt-Merlin dev


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Thank you for your answer but are you planning to include this feature in an upcoming release ? It'd be appreciated :)

Thanks :)

No. This would require extensive changes to the code, and access to Broadcom's proprietary documentation.

Media Bridge is the equivalent technology supported by Broadcom. It might not work with non-Asus routers, but give it a try just in case.

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