XD4 and XT8 together

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Would there be any problem meshing the xd4 and xt8 systems together? I have a big house and have the node on the xt8 on the complete opposite side of the house from the router. was thinking about getting an xd4 to supplement it but i'm wondering if it might be overkill. would having too many nodes (a router and 4 nodes if i do this) cause any conflict? since they are both AX systems i would assume there would be no issue unless having too many nodes could cause issues?


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Did you ever test out this system? I have a similar large house with brick internal walls. At the moment we have 4 BT Wifi 5 mesh points but looking to upgrade to a Wifi 6 system. Not sure if I need 3 or 4 lots of XT8 or I can buy a couple of the XT8 for the main areas of demand and then some XD4's for general coverage.

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