ZenWifi ATX Node Unresponsive

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Several months ago I bought a pair of ASUS XT8 nodes for our new home, and for the most part they have worked well - I've experienced many of the same hiccups that others here have reported but they've all been solvable. Overnight, though, the satellite node seems to have gone down; the LED was flashing green, it wasn't showing up on the network map, and I couldn't get the main node wired to my modem to recognize it. I've now tried resetting it multiple times (hard reset, WPS button procedure, and more) and the LED is always either pulsing green or solid purple. No matter what I try - even directly connected via ethernet - it never reverts to the initial blue setup LED and both the app and browser management tools fail to find it.

Through it all, the primary modem-connected node continues to work like a charm. I've been searching through old forum posts, ASUS's site, and the original manuals, but I feel like I can't even begin to diagnose what's going on here. Is there some step I'm missing, or is there something up with this device itself?


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Try using small reset button under unit. Press it for 30 seconds.


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Thanks for the response; unfortunately, I've tried this a few times now and it consistently brings me back to the solid purple status LED with no further changes. The XT8 manual doesn't even suggest that purple is an available LED color?


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Unfortunately ASUS support thinks it's a straight-up hardware issue and recommended I send it in for repairs.

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