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How to VPN Direct Smart TV to Different VPN Tunnel to Rest of Devices

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Hi all,

I have an ASUS RT-AX86U on Merlin firmware version 3.88.2, using Nord VPN.

My setup is:
1) ASUS Router as main gateway, with WIFI off
2) Access Point TP-Link Deco X20 Router wired to ASUS Router which provides mesh WIFI (Intent is to have this on VPN tunnel on Australian server)
3) Smart TV (Samsung Q90A) wired to Deco X20 Access Point (Intent is to have this on separate VPN tunnel and be able to switch this to USA servers as needed)

How do I setup my VPN director policies to make all devices (This would include say new devices as they connected to my wifi) go through an Australian Nord VPN server and my Smart TV go through a USA server (With the option to turn this policy off). So far I have been unsuccessful in getting this to work. Whats the trick here?

Also I have found I'm unable to load new openVPN files for other recommended servers from Nord, whats the work around here?
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OK I think I've worked this out, if there is anyone who can verify this is an optimal setup, as this will helps others who are in my situation.

DNS Assign
Set to manual on Cloudfare and

Location 1 (In my Case USA server) for Smart TV
VPN director to TV IP - This is the first rule
DNS configuration set to Exclusive

Location 2 (In my case Australia server) for all other devices
VPN director rule leaving IP address blank to capture all devices
This VPN director rule is second - hence the TV is already tunneled out of the device list
DNS configuration set to strict

I'm not to sure about the balance between the DNS configurations, but have found this configuration works based on the following testing results
DNS leak test for USA servers shows no leaks and a single VPN server. The IP address at the end of the DNS leak test is different to the start, but still a single NordVPN US based server
DNS leak test for Australia sever shows no leaks and matching IP address for VPN server

What are you DNS server recommendations?
Is this the optimal arrangement with DNS configuration settings?

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