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  1. K

    Is netem module included in firmware? How can I get it?

    Hi, Just wondering if netem module is included, if not, how can I get it into the router? I am able to SSH into the router. I would like to use such command: tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 100ms Thanks
  2. L

    Input LAG in game with the RT-AX86S

    Hello everyone, I'm asking for your help in understanding the problem I'm having with my RT-ax86s. I use this router mainly to play online games on my PS5. Since getting this router, I've been experiencing latency. For example, in fps type shooting games, I have a lack of fluidity making the...
  3. S

    Solved Serious Diablo IV Lag when using ethernet connection. HELP!

    I am running a GT-AX6000 on Merlin 388.2. When the computer is directly connected to the router with an ethernet cable I get horrendous lag spikes every 20-30 seconds or so. It will take my frame rate from 180fps down to 20-30fps for a couple of seconds and then it goes away only to do it...
  4. T

    XT8 normal behavior?

    I've just bought a pair of XT8s to go with my 1000/1000 MB internet connection. The XT8 node has 'great' signal strength to the 'XT8 router' via wireless(5GHz) backhaul. I'll get 430/250 MB wireless wifi on my S22 phone from the node, which I'm pleased with. However, watching the World cup...
  5. R

    RT-AX82U - high bufferbloat issue

    Hello! so few days ago i bought RT-AX82U, i am happy with the WiFi range and performance but i have an issue with high bufferbloat, i did a test on and got +200ms/D grade, i know this tool is not 100% accurate so i also did a test by pinging my IP via a server and...
  6. i0ntempest

    AX86U LAN Link Aggregation: doesn't seem to be working?

    Hi all, Since I have a 1.5G internet package I figured I should try link aggregation so my devices can take advantage of that. My main router is an AX86U with the latest Merlin firmware, and I have setup my network to be like this: Modem <== 2.5G link ==> ASUS RT-AX86U <== 2*1G LAG ==> Netgear...
  7. F

    NVR Stream Stucking On Merlin

    Hi, Recently i shifted my router "RT-AC5300" from Official AsusWrt to Asuswrt-Merlin version "386.2_6 (2021-06-06)". Everything was working great then i noticed when i am outside my house and view my NVR IP Camera's they lag alot and freeze alot. I restored my router to Official AsusWrt...
  8. Saqr42

    Help me troubleshoot network disconnections and low speeds

    Dears, I have a network of 17 devices on Asus RT-AC88U connected to my telco fibermodem in bridge mode. Now I have some disconnects and durations of low speeds and lags on two smart TVs and gaming consoles. Here is some of the System Log > General log : May 5 21:43:26 syslog: WLCEVENTD...
  9. S

    Mesh connectivity vs setup question

    I have a basic mesh question, which I struggle to find good answers to; I have a mesh wifi network with 3 x TP-link Deco M9 routers in my house. I must admit i would have expected better performance that what I do; The signal strength is very good all over the house, and ... When I try...
  10. S

    BUG: Bonding/ Link aggregation = br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address

    [Kit] Router: RT-AC88U Merlin v384.17 (Wifi is completely disabled) Bonding/ Link aggregation is enabled Port 1 and Port 2, PS4 and Nvidia Shield plugged directly into router Port 3 and Port 4. GS108Tv2: 8 Port Switch which connects to RT-AC88U via two port LAG (LACP) GS108PEv3: POE switch that...
  11. A

    Slow speeds and lag on new Asus 86U

    We recently got 362 down and 36 up fibre broadband with Virgin Media here in the UK. I ran a few speed tests when we first got the broadband modem and the speeds were exactly as advertised as long as you were in the same room as the modem. In my bedroom upstairs though, it would be halved...
  12. R

    WiFi Latency Spikes Caused By Powersaving - How to disable?

    Hi all I've spent a week tracking down a VERY annoying problem. Every few seconds, my WiFi (any band/channel) on my desktop computer encounters packet loss or high latency. Here is a screenshot pinging my default gateway: I used to get 1-2 ms all day long, but, recently this has started...
  13. skeal

    Tutorial Basic Vlan guide for IP or MAC isolation from others on Lan

    I've searched and read lots on this topic, and now I must say I'm more confused than anything else. Can someone offer me advice, on how to stop two devices on my network from communicating with the other devices of my Lan. These devices require nothing else other than internet access and have...
  14. M

    Wireless Streaming with AC66U_B1

    I am trying to stream games from my PC (Thinkpad P50 Laptop) to my TV (LG UH850v) using Steam in-home streaming. Here's how things are setup at the moment: 1. Laptop is connected directly to the router (AC66U_B1) via ethernet. 2. Android box (Minix U9-H) is also directly to the router via...
  15. R

    PS4 Lag Issues after installing asus AC88u

    Since installing the RT-AC88U from asus I have been having serious lag issues on the PS4. The only setting I have modified is the VPN client, so I can turn on when needed. The PS4 lags with the VPN client in the off position, so really no changes to the standard settings. Any ideas?
  16. M

    Ping fluctuating wildly

    I'm currently running a AC87u on 384.4 all these device are connected on 5GHz. I'm in a condo so there is a little bit more congestion than normal. Google Home(furthest from router 15 meters max) gets the best ping times Reply from bytes=32 time=35ms TTL=64 Reply from
  17. Sinner


    Hey guys.. recently purchased an asus rt-ac3100. specs and hardware appear to be amazing and I'm running the latest merlin on it..380.68_2... appears to be running stable but I keep experiencing periodic lags or something I never experienced with my ancient Linksys E3000. Out in the country here...
  18. odellus

    RT-AC68U on 380.66 - QoS doesn't work, terrible bufferbloat

    150 Mbps Down 15 Mbps Up Suddenlink I have an AC68U and SB6183. I've tried every combination of QoS settings and even with extremely conservative bandwidth limits (even as low as 40 Mbps!) none of them seem to do anything. I start a download and ping times immediately jump from the ~20 ms range...
  19. R

    QoS sucks while uploading

    When another device on the network is uploading, I experience horrid latency issues (>2000ms on a ping). Router is RT-AC5300. I originally noticed the problem whilst gaming, besides being completely obvious whilst playing, I was kicked from gaming servers due to excessive ping. I can't even...
  20. endtimes

    LAGs: Asus RT-AC88U and Netgear Prosafe Plus Managed

    Hello all! So I'm looking to configure a LAG between the Asus RT-AC88U router and the Netgear Prosafe switch. My SAN (when I get it), I plan on connecting to the switch as I am still running Ethernet throughout my house. Both the Asus and Netgear have LAG capability. What I'd like to know is...