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  1. M

    Guest network on mesh node

    Hi, my setup is an RT-AX88U as the main router, 1 RT-AX86U, and 1 RT-AX86U Pro as nodes, they are all running Asus firmware. After I caught the cameras randomly connecting to Beijing, I set up a guest network for all of my smart devices and security cameras. I only have 1 guest network but...
  2. D

    Mesh network with WiFi disabled on the router

    Hi, I have an ASUS RT-AX88U running the latest Merlin firmware with an ethernet connection to an ASUS AC2600 (Blue Cave) as an AIMESH node at the other end of the house. My partner has health concerns and the main router is sitting right near her head. All of the necessary ethernet cabling...
  3. K

    Asus XT8 Mesh - FW upgrade - 404

    HI, After some advice please peeps. 2 x XT8 Mesh, 1 Router, 1 Node. Both running 388.1_0-gnuton1 I have the notification saying there is an upgrade available, 388.2_2-gnuton1 I am directed to the link below, but it 404's on me.
  4. C

    GT-AXE11000 and GT-AC 5300 Ai Mesh Question

    Current setup is GT-AXE11000 as router in attic hard wired to the GT-AC5300 as node in main living area. There are 3 hard wired lines to 3 smart TV's and the forth hard wire for the node. The attic utility room has all my cat 6 feeds and cable modem. It is working perfectly but of the 30...
  5. ntb-2k5

    AiMesh with USB Printer on Node?

    I've setup Aimesh since it very 1st release and it's now onto version 2.0 and I'm still can figuring out how to Enable USB Printing on a AiMesh Node. I've used a DD-WRT router as an AP to be able to network my USB printer. Has anyone know how to configure the USB Printer on a AiMesh Node? PS...
  6. R

    Upgrade Aimesh node firmware remotely?

    Hi I'm managing remotely my parents home network (which I've built for them). It consists of 4 RT-AC68Us. I have remote webGUI and SSH access to the router, but I don't have remote access to any local computers there. I've updated firmware to the main AC68U via GUI without any problems, but I...
  7. A

    Devices connecting to wrong AiMesh-enabled router/node

    Hello, I am running two RT-AC5300s (both updated as of Dec 13/2020) in an AiMesh network, with the main router connected to my modem in my room, and another node in the living room (about 25-35 feet away). I notice almost all my devices (even the devices 2-5 feet away from my main router)...
  8. MailManX

    A Fine Mesh I'd Like To Be In (RT-AC86U)

    I currently have (4) T-Mobile TM-AC1900 routers all connected by ethernet Cat6. I've had these old routers for years and love them. They give me the coverage and speed I want and have not given me any trouble. I have given each router it's own SSID so that I can tell which one to use in various...
  9. M

    Good AiMesh node companion for RT-AC88U

    Any recommendations for a cost efficient solution to extend the range of an RT-AC88U taking the following into account: I have an Ethernet connection from the AC88U LAN-port to the 2nd access point (WAN) so I don't need to use WiFi bandwidth for the "extension" I would like to manage the...
  10. xulian

    Naming aimesh nodes

    Hi, I have a setup with 3 nodes and only main one is able to set a name within the LAN device name section. Others keep the device model name as defaults. Any chance to assign my own device names there so I can access them other way than IP mode? thanks
  11. octopus

    AiMesh Router/Nod suggestion(s)

    I have a problem / question. I have set up the AiMesh router and AiMesh node and wonder if anyone has blocked a client from roaming to the node. So stay on the AiMesh router. Roaming Block List only prevents roaming between nodes. They work fine with all wifi clients who are PHY "AC" the one...
  12. HuskyHerder

    rt-5300 no 2.4, 5g only node

    I purchased a used 5300 unseen w/ some kind of issue. It turns out it was a non working 2.4 radio. No issue w/ that as I wouldn't really need the 2.4 channel on this particular unit. o_O I couldn't pass up a $35.00 purchase err. chance for a roll of the dice. :cool: The unit looks like it just...
  13. G

    ASUS RT-AC86U Antenna Upgrade / ai mesh

    Hi, so I have a RT-AC86U which is currently plugged into coaxial cable in my kitchen on the ground floor directly beneath my room, this is the most efficient place I can have my router as I'm limited by the cable length so not much option to move it around or upstairs. So the wifi signal has to...
  14. HuskyHerder

    iOS Shortcuts app - NetworkCheck

    This is a new version of my shortcut for iOS. I wanted to give you all an update on the progress. Ive ended up re arranging way, way, more inside the shortcut than I initially thought. I ended up chasing my tail looking for a gremlin in the works. I never could find it till I got home last...
  15. Shah Saad

    Can I connect the modem to AiMesh Node instead of AiMesh Router?

    I recently purchased two AC86U routers and got them both working as AiMesh network. One router is acting as a AiMesh Router while the other is acting as AiMesh node. Both are connected to each other with a cable as backhaul. My modem is obviously connected to the AiMesh Router, but the problem...
  16. HuskyHerder

    Roaming block list, local only or sync across nodes (AIMesh)

    I was wondering if the list prohibits the device from moving to nodes aka it keeps the device on the Router only ? or the devices that are connected to a node, will it prevent it from roaming off that node including back to the router ? Basically my nodes are keeping the devices where they...
  17. HuskyHerder

    iOS Shortcuts app - old BSSID and Reboot

    If you're interested here are some shortcuts for use with your router. Best of all its free! :D *iOS only The Shortcuts app, is used to preform the actions. * BSSID ...