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  1. L

    Solved SFTP - Key Only access via FileZilla client to RT-AC68U

    The thread title is what I'd like to achieve i.e. SFTP access to my RT-AC68U Router via a FileZilla client, but only using a passphrase protected private key and its paired public public key, so not using a User ID and password for SFTP access. AFAIK Dropbear that is supplied by Asus by default...
  2. R

    NordVPN Firestick problems on RT-AC68U

    Hello I just purchased an RT-AC68U router and flashed it with the latest Asuswrt-Merlin. All seems to work well hooked up to the new router except NordVPN on my Amazon Firestick. When hooked up to my old Hitron router I had no problem access Netflix with my NordVPN switched on. Since...
  3. P

    RT-AC86U with MerlinASUSWRT 386.1_2 crashing when adding HP WIFI printer

    Hi all, I'm trying to learn the basics of router and firmware configs, I've been watching this forum intently and you are all great mentors :) I've come across my first issues that I cannot figure out and thought it was time to join and ask for help. I have successfully put Merlin's 386.1_2 on...
  4. J

    RT-AC86U Strange Behavior

    I set my dns filter in the LAN "on" and "router", and since I haven't been able to reboot it. It may be a coincidence, but it is weird. I reboot through the GUI, and it goes through the motions, and the LED's never go off, and they always go off two or three times during the reboot process...
  5. WoodenClogs

    Systemlog RC-68U "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available" ?!

    Hi all, I have no luck in trying to find the following error from my Asus RT-68U's (set up in Aimesh with two other RT-68U's on the upper floors) systemlog: "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available". It keeps disconnecting clients. This problem popped up a few weeks ago...
  6. J

    Has the Firmware Version Upgrade interface tab changed on RT-AC86U?

    RT-AC-86U with Merlin 384.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node with same f/w, amtm, diversion, uidivstats, Skynet, scribe, uiscribe, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum Forgive me if this has been answered, but I searched and did not find anything, and I don't have another one to look at. It may just be my...
  7. J

    Crash log: Is my router dying?

    RT-AC86U w/Asuswrt-Merlin 384.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node, diversion, uidivstats, Skynet, scribe, uiscribe, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum I've never had anything in my crash log, to my knowledge, until yesterday at about 3 pm CST. Approximately every 20 minutes or so: Mar 24 08:46:08...
  8. M

    Asus RT-AC68U - LAN client can't ssh to another LAN client

    Hello, I recently upgraded my very old Linksys router to an Asus RT-AC68U. Everything has been great until now, where I have run into a strange problem. Before I go on let me just say that the router is running in "Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default)" mode, using the latest...
  9. P

    TCPdump or wireshark on Asus RT-AC86U (384.14_2)

    Is it possible to use tcpdump or wireshark on Asus RT-AC86U Firmware Version:384.14_2? Some of my messages get dropped or out of order. I should like to debug this little more. Is it some other way of debugging this?
  10. N

    Asus RT-AC68 upgrade

    So I recently upgraded to the Asus RT-AC68U router. My previous router was the RT-AC66U. As part of the upgrade I moved to the latest Asuswrt-Merlin firmware release. I am a fan of the new firmware and the features available over the stock firmware. The upgrade went well minus one hiccup. I...
  11. J

    Need Help and Advice for Two RT-AC68U's with Aimesh AccPt w/ethernet

    Howdy, Folks, An old noobie here, been lurking for a few weeks, now I'm ready to pop the question and show my ignorance, because I have no doubt you guys are the best in the world at what you do. I recently purchased a new pair of AC68U's for my home/office network. I have a small office...
  12. A

    RT-AC86U WPS Clear NVRAM

    I just got a RT-AC86U and was trying to clear the NVRAM using the WPS button method like I have been doing on my RT-AC68R, but it isn't working. Only the power light comes on briefly and then turns off and then nothing happens. I've held the WPS button down for as long as a minute. I think it...
  13. B

    What’s the best router for VPN speeds?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been using ASUS Merlin for quite a while and it’s awesome. I’ve currently got an 87U and it’s a great router the only issue I have with it is the speed of the VPN. I get roughly 50Mb max. I’ve read that the 86U would allow me to achieve over 200Mb on a vpn connection. Is this...
  14. W

    Failing to upgrade AC68U from 384.5 to 384.6 or higher

    Summary: Even after factory/NVRAM resets, AC68U won't update any Merlin version past current 384.5 Router: RT-AC68U (originally TM-AC1900, upgraded) Firmware: 384.5 Obviously, I'm behind a few revisions; had a lot going on this Winter. After trying to update to latest-and-greatest and...
  15. S

    RT-AC86U Problems with Smart Connect

    So it seems like there is a problem with my Smart connect feature on my RT-AC86U. Every time I enable it, all of my devices are connected to 2.4GHz. Even if I disable it and try to get into the 5GHz channel, it doesn't let me in. I have found a fix to it by changing the Control Channel from Auto...
  16. K

    Possible solution to AiMesh wired backhaul network instability

    I have an AC5300 and 3x AC86U (only two plugged in atm because 3 was unstable, but going to try 3 again shortly with this new possible fix). I have about 50 bulbs and other home automation/security devices on 2.4Ghz band. These will somewhat randomly drop on/off wifi - sometimes everything...
  17. A

    Basic home network setup question: ASUS AC2900 RT-AC68U

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum or even the right site for this question. I have no networking background, and getting frustrated trying to set up my home network! My telco provided me with an Actiontec T3200 wireless router. As I've been adding more devices I've been noticing wifi...
  18. R

    RT-AC86U is cost-effective, low-power OpenVPN, IPSEC appliance?

    An associate just bought two RT-AC86u's for $360 dollars. Merlin firmware makes it pretty easy to use this machine to maintain an OpenVPN encrypted tunnel to a VPN service at over 200 megabits per second. And Merlin reports that the '86u does IPSEC encryption at near 300 megabits per second. It...
  19. T

    RT-AC86u - Rsync Daemon doesn't start - missing libc.so.0

    Hi Forum, firstly I want to mention that I am not really into linux, so please be patient. I only know the basics. I do have a problem starting the rsync daemon on my RT-AC86u Router. I installed asuswrt-merlin (V 382.1_2) and optware using this tutorial...