100% CPU load

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New Around Here

My RT-AC86U is running firmware Version:384.15 and i have installed skynet and diverion.

I just logged in to check something and saw 100% cpu load. Also the CPU temp is above 70 degrees.

The webui feels very slow to.

Is there anything i can do to find out what is causing this? I found something about the "top" command but i does not show me a program which is using a lot of cpu power.


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Part of the Furniture
It’s all those diversion count_ads processes combined. They must be hung on something, because they shouldn’t be there. What do you get if you run Diversion and enter the ac option?

You should first kill all those processes, or reboot for simplicity, then run ac manually to see why it hangs.


New Around Here
Hi, thanks for your reply.

I was been able to run the ac command. See the result in the picture.
After the reboot everything seems fine again.


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