Add Realtek 8156 USB device support to AX86U


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This may already be done, may not be possible to do with the AX86U, may make no sense what-so-ever.

In my OCD quest to figure out a way to have 2.5gb to the WAN as well as a second means or method to have 2.5gb to my network, as you know there’s only one 2.5gb port on the AX86U, I came across this. WAY over my head. Wanted to get it out there though to see if possible.

I have an Asus RT8156B USB 3.2 adapter arriving Tuesday. Will of course try and and see if support is already built in to the AX86U.

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I'd be curious to see if this works for you.

But not curious enough to attempt it myself prior to seeing your results (other time commitments here). :)


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I don't have the skill set to to what's in the article. Of course I could tackle the learning curve. The way it reads is it possible this is already in the latest Asus firmwares?

I tried two Realtek 8153's I have. No go. Nothing says that chipset is included though. Still worth a try. If its already in the firmware I was 99% sure its chipset specific. My internet radio is that way with its USB to LAN adapter. ONE chipset adapter driver is included in the radio's firmware and any adapter with that chipset is plug n play.

I'll know some time Tuesday.

The guy who said he made it work via Dual Wan and a USB adapter hasn't responded in a different thread. The 88 doesn't have even a single 2.5gb port. But the kernel is the same yes? And the CPU/Chipset for both, 88 and 86, is the same.

Based on the volume of people that have posted in various forums about being frustrated with this one 2.5gb port issue IF this would work would be a popular addition to RMerlin's firmware assuming its not already there......

Edit: He has now responded. Going there now.


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The guy who made it work to add a 2.5gbe port to his 88 is using an Aquantia AQC111U chipset based adapter. Its 5gbe but it is recognized and works at 2.5gb.

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