AiMesh nodes and apple homepods do not play nicely (some of the time)


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I have been trying (and failing) to solve this issue for about 18mths - since I bought 3 x homepod minis and have them in different rooms connected to different routers (nodes and main router).

As context, I have a long home on one level with main router (AX86U) in the middle and 2x AX58U as AiMesh nodes at each end of the house (wifi backhaul but with great connection). Everything generally works well and I am happy with the setup and how clients roam across the network. and I have an iperf running on a NAS connected directly to my main router so I have tested thoroughly the throughput everywhere.

The issue is that the homepods connected to the nodes sometimes work perfectly and other times when I try to connect to them using the home app on my devices iphone, ipad etc it does not show me the normal list of recent music - it says 'trying to connect' then gives up. But the homepod is connected and does respond to 'hey siri' etc. I can also play music on one homepod and then send it to homepod 2. This always works.

I have tried every combination of merlin/stock. merlin/merlin, stock/stock but it still occurs.

I never have this issue with my one homepod that is connected directly to the main router. Only when they are connected to a node.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Can anyone give me some new ideas to test and troubleshoot?

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