[ASUS AC86U] ONE dead ethernet port?

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I've seen ALL the lan ports go dead before, but I've never seen it happen with just one. Is this a normal (and unfortunate) thing? It actually gave me quite a scare because I was fiddling with a cable splitter earlier in the day before I noticed and thought I had jostled something else loose.

Happened seemingly overnight, lan port #3 dead. No LED on the router, no LED on the other end at the switch, PC off the network. Plugging same cable into 2 or 4 works fine.

Is there any way to confirm the diagnosis on the device itself/in the firmware? I just think its weird that its only 1... feel free to set me straight.


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I would guess it's normal. Reports of just the WAN port dying (and having to use dual wan with one of the LAN ports for the WAN as a workaround).

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