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Asus AX88U Pro - stability and performance reviews from the owners?

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The owners of the Asus AX88U Pro please comment on how you like this router:
  • Stability and performance
  • Are you running Merlin FW?
  • Would you expect to see any difference in performance between this router and Asus AX86U (or Pro)?
Thanks for any input on this...
I have 3 - main router plus 2 nodes. Running well on the latest Merlin firmware. No issues in my setup and better than my previous RT-AX88U with RT-AX86U nodes.
These Pro models based on newer Broadcom SOCs are definitely more stable than their poor old cousins. However, the firmware branch has GUI issues. Where you change one setting, router freezes or some random UI glitch happens. In that case, you have to reboot.
I've only had mine a little over a month and, knock on wood, I have not experienced any issues. I am running Merlin 3004.388.4 on it.
I went from an AC88U to the AX88U Pro, and four vs two cores might have helped a bit. Having said that, any increase in download / upload speed is, I feel, more to do with the fact I'm able to use a media convertor that syncs at 2.5G which is plugged into the 2.5G WAN port, so I get the full 1.5 down from my connection, which prior to that was 1G due to the 1G port on the AC88U. It's not a massive difference, but every little bit helps.

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