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Asus Router is blocking Roku / TV and Android app for Netflix

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So - I moved from a Netgear to an Asus Router and it stops me from accessing Netflix from Roku (error NW-2-5) ...or from Android App... (1001 error).

I assume it is a setting somewhere in the router to unblock it - but wonder if anyone elese experienced this and know how to fix it.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards
Check your DNS settings, and make sure you don't use a VPN. These will refuse to work if trying to use a VPN.
Solved it... Turns out I set up the modem as a bridge and was using the rt-ax88u to do the pppoe connection... Somehow that caused the issue. I went back to put the modem (netgear Dm200) in modem router mode and let that handle the ppoe connection... And the rt-ax88u just selected the Internet without login... And it now all works...

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