ASUS RT-AC66U Aimesh


New Around Here
Hello guys, I would like to ask you for advice / opinion.

I have wooden house 4+KK and I bought modem ASUS RT-AC66U. I was 100% satisfied with function, no problems.

Later, I found out, that in bedroom, which is opposite corner of house I have quite week signal in mobile phone and sometimes it is problem. Because I also built mining rig, which is in garden, I needed bigger wifi signal area.

I bought second ASUS RT-AC66U and connect it as AiMesh device. Modem is placed in second corner of house. Connected to main modem by 5Ghz wifi. It says connection quality perfect (RSSI -50 dBm)

First looked ok, but then I noticed, that even with full signal I am not able to open some web pages, or play youtube movie in mobile phone. After switching to mobile to LTE everything perfect. Issue is only if connected to AiMesh modem. Sometimes (one per 2 months) necessary to restart this AiMesh modem, because almost no access to internet. After restart much better.

If I do ping from laptop connected to 5 Ghz wifi in house with full signal to main modem, getting this:


Why sometimes 49 ms? It is few meters, remember from the past that even very cheap modem have stably 1 ms. It is local wifi, perfect conditions.

If I do ping to Aimesh modem I get this:

Again, sometimes time values like 200 – 400 ms. It is also few meters from my laptop.

Ping to mining rig in garden, connected to AiMesh modem which show full signal – 59 dBm. Giving me ping like this:


Again, seems to much to me. I would expect in local wifi 0 – 5 ms.

What is your opinion? Is it normal to get values with such spread?


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