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Optimal Settings for gt-ax6000 mesh network settings with 4 RT-AX82U's

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Michael James

Occasional Visitor
I have a main gt-ax6000 in the middle of a 5,000 sq foot house (2 levels) and its a mesh network using 4 RT-AX82U.
I am hard wired the cameras for the house into the mesh units. Mesh units are on on the 5G channel

I have an AppleTV4k box using Infuse that streams content (non local content), 2 Firestick 4Ks including 1 Max.

Every day the network gets fouled up. I have to either go into the Asus Android app and do a "Optimization" or reboot the main router.
I also find that one room in the house always gets fouled up with internet. I could swear its like 1 of the mesh units is finding with the main router for control. (My laptop in normally 4 feet from main router then when I take it into the other room (which is closer to a mesh unit) it gets fouled up and internet goes wacky.
I also have the main router set to reboot at 3am every day
According to the Asus Android app, all firmware is current on the main router and all mesh units. I regularily check the firmware and have the android app doign the updates. I bought all this equipment about 1 year ago.

here is what I am thinking.. what would be the most stable settings to use?
I dont have advanced knowledge or training in routers. I know some of the basics.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Stop using the 'app'. I would remove it entirely from my phone. Use a trusted computer with a reliable browser such as Edge.

Turn off the automatic reboot. This isn't helping anything and only helps to mask any real/underlying issues with the network.

Unless you're living in a concrete-walled home, you have way too much WiFi.

With the GT-AX6000 in the center of the home, I would expect it to have full coverage, if not full throughput, throughout the home. What are your ISP speeds up/down?

Power off all nodes (or better yet, remove them from the main router's GUI).

Only add a node as needed. This may require you to shift the main router off of the center of the home/area to achieve a stable and dependable network.

Be prepared to perform a full reset if the above suggestions don't bring desired results. Toggling options on/off past their defaults is not the same as leaving them at their defaults to begin with.

Have you modified the Wireless settings? Can you share any screenshots with us? Are you able to show us a diagram of your setup? All of these can help us help you.
I'd go with that, but would add "unless totally impossible, run some ethernet wire!" (Hint: it may at times be impractical, but never impossible.)
Agreed cable runs are always preferred for AiMesh nodes, but in this case, it won't help the 'too much WiFi' that is possibly going on in this small space. I'm assuming 2,500 SqFt per level, btw. Which is only 2,500 SqFt to be covered.
Since my AX6000 is still under warranty, I decided to call Asus yesteday and see if there were any exiswting issues on that or mesh nodes.
Smart Connect was already OFF
channel Bandwidth changed to 40 mhz
Control Channel to Auto (but stays on 11)
Channel Bandwidth: 80
Control Channel: 161

(I turned off the auto reboot at 3am per you guys prior to calling to Asus)

Its been 24 hours and I have had no issues. Getting up to 300 mbps down and 20 mbps up. (I'm only paying for 250 down thru Verizon Home Internet so this is great). Had no disconnects from devices. And no more huge swings in download speeds (I was gettimg 160 down or around 90 down with wide swings thru the day... I am always over 250 mbps now)

So I am waiting for another day and see if this is a perm fix or not....
In a densely populated environment with much wifi not under your control, don't hold your breath for anything being permanent. Glad you're satisfied at the moment.

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