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Asus RT-AX88U (Merlin 388.2.2) 2.4 GHz VERY slow, but 5GHz very fast.

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Hello there.

I need some help.

My Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz is VERY slow...

I reach about only 1-2 Mbit/s with 2.4 GHz
But I get more than 250 Mbit/s with my 5 GHz.
What can I do??!

I am forced to use 2,4 because of some smart Home automation devices.
They all use only 2,4 GHz and I can not handle them, when my phone is in the 5 GHz.

Here are my settings

Any help what I can do??!

This is VERY annoying as my ISP provides me stable 300Mbit/s via FTTH.

Thank u very much !!!
After the initial setup on 2.4 you should be able to control the devices over 5GHz as in theory they're all connected to the same network (same subnet).
Hello and thanks for the answer.

Yeah you are right... most of them are in the same subnet.

But is there a solution or a reason anyway for the huge difference in speed??!
After the initial setup on 2.4 you should be able to control the devices over 5GHz as in theory they're all connected to the same network (same subnet).
Hi, I have the same issue with AX88 and 2,4ghz network. 5GHZ is fast, 2,4 is 1-3mbps..... I have a wired tplink range extender and it suffers same issue, it looks like the ax88 might be putting noise in the frequency, is that possible??
Slow 2.4GHz Wi-Fi may be caused by multiple internal (hardware issue, wrong settings) and external (environment, client) factors.

Start troubleshooting with System Log, Wireless Log - RSSI, Tx/Rx rate to your client. May give you some clues what is going on. Change the channel, use 20MHz wide only, disable Airtime Fairness, disable non-standard features like Universal Beamforming. Try again and see what happens.
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What distance from the router are you testing at? 5 meters from my router I'm getting 54 Mbit/s


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I read about IOT devices harm... I haclve many TUYA switchs in the guest Network, so I tested turning that wifi off and performance in 2,4ghz is great... Need to find a cheap way to replace them...
I only have 5 esp devices on the guest network so not really as loaded as you probably are. Even 802.11n wifi should deliver a 54Mbps connection, and does in my case.
Do you have Access Intranet disabled on the guest wifi?
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