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Asus XD6 AIMesh node cannot be permanently removed?

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I am trying to turn my second XD6 node back into a router to use on a completely different network. I have tried using the "remove" button (which says the node will be removed and factory reset) on the admin interface and factory resetting the node with the hold WPS button method.

However, each time the node reboots it just joins the AIMesh network again. Other than trying to do this with the existing router off (or out of range), is there some other way to keep it off the AIMesh network so I can log into it and set it up as a standalone router? It seems like one or both the devices have some kind of memory of the pairing.
Welcome to the forums @fox2d.

Use the appropriate method for your router below.

Not all WPS button resets are the same.

Also, try the following:
  • Reboot the AiMesh network via the GUI
    • AiMesh, System Settings, System Reboot.
    • See if the node fully resets now.
If that doesn't work:
  • perform a power cycle on the node.
    • unplug all LAN cables from it.
    • pull the power plug from the node and from the AC wall plug too.
    • Wait a minute or two.
  • Now, perform the WPS button reset method appropriate for your router.
If that still doesn't work:
  • perform the power cycle once more.
  • Use the Reset button method to reset it.
If that still doesn't work:
  • flash the latest firmware onto the node while it is paired.
  • try to reset it once more.
I saw a similar behavior with a pair of XT8s: if they were paired at the factory, the second one will auto-join the first one's mesh when you boot it up. I didn't see any way to prevent that other than turning off the first one or making sure it's out of range.
Here as well with XT8s. If you want to configure the second one as other than mesh node you must not let it "see" the other unit running normally or you won't stand a chance.
I'm having the same issue with my XD6. I'd like to split my APs so I can use independed channels instead of the default where AiMesh uses the same channel for both APs. My 2x XD6S APs are connected via ethernet backhaul and in AP mode.

I've tried removing the second node but after it does a factory reset, it goes through some process of reconnecting to the AiMesh and reconnects itself as a node. I also tried disconnecting the main AP from the network and setting up the second AP in AP mode and this worked fine until I restarted the AP and it went through the process of automatically reconnecting and reconfiguring itself as an AiMesh node. This is super frustrating and was wondering if anyone has figured out how to permanently split them?

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