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Been looking at the ASUS XD6 new “2 pack kit” for a friend that needs a simple turn key system for a house just a little too big for one device. House is already hardwired ideally for two devices (APs) and would use a wired backhaul. Looked at the triband ASUS offerings but have no need for wireless backhaul so it is nice to save a little bit and get dual band.

Looks like a great deal for this application. Reviews online look good and ASUS Wrt is easy to configure of course. Anybody have any experience with these new devices in a hardwired configuration? Anything else that is competitive at this price point that offers similar features (“2 pack”, reasonable for a non-tech savy person, wifi 6, handover technology, easy setup, reasonable aesthetically pleasing, hardwire backhaul ready (don’t want wireless backhaul))?

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