ASUS XT8 Lost Node


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Hello. I have had my XT8 (router and 2 nodes) setup for a few months now. Everything has been going okay until recently. One of the nodes keeps flashing a blue night and doesn't show connected. The ASUS router only shows one node connected. How do I do a reset on the node and not the whole system (the main router and one node work just fine).

I did try doing a google search and a search specifically on this forum, but failed to find an example like mine.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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I am all for downgrading firmware, but how do I do that? Should the ASUS website have old versions of firmware? If I upgrade the main router and the working mode, should the non-working node just start working again?


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The 42095 is on asus website... and actually it appears to be the most stable and bug-free firmware for the XT8 (expecially about the node disconnection bug!)
Yo must simply download the firmware and upload it to the node and the router... then reboot both and voilà!

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