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ASUS ZenWifi AX6600 WireGuard install script

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Hello and good day! Activating additional features on my ASUS ZenWifi AX6600 router including remote access via WireGuard. Searched SNBForums and unable to identify installation assistance running the following command:

curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MartineauUK/wireguard
/main/wg_manager.sh" --create-dirs -o "/jffs/addons/wireguard/wg_manager.sh" && chmod 755 "/jffs/addons/
wireguard/wg_manager.sh" && /jffs/addons/wireguard/wg_manager.sh install

Recieving the follow error message:
/jffs/addons/wireguard/wg_manager.sh: source: line 7845: can't open '/usr/sbin/helper.sh'

In advance, your review, assistance, and response appreicated!
Thanks. Danny.
You have WireGuard VPN Server and Client available in stock firmware since Oct 2022 + VPN Fusion:


Using WireGuard on your hardware will slow down the entire network WAN-LAN throughput to about 250-300Mbps.
Hello and good day! Response appreciated and sorry for the delayed response, but now returning to this project. I decided to switch from OpnSense to pfSense and still learning the requirements and tools.

However and after some reading, your suggestion to Asus core features was on target and now able to VPN from laptop to Asus router. Expertise and gudiance appreciated! Thanks. Danny.
My topology:
1. LAN connects to Asus
2. Asus connects to pfSense firewall
3. pfSense firewall connects to ISP

I orginally remotely accessed LAN via pfSense VPN, but recently removed firewall for maintenance/upgrades and will use direct Asus VPN for remote access.

Thanks. Danny.
So your Asus is in Router mode and in double NAT behind your pfSense firewall then. This is not really necessary for a home setup.
Agreed and I was unsure to disable the double NAT (not as strong on networking :cool: ) until your suggestion, but after removing the second NAT, I now have improved network throughput and identifcation of top talkers ... thanks!
Run Asus ZenWiFi XT8 set in AP Mode to your pfSense box if you want, but you lose the ability to create main LAN/WLAN isolated Guest Network.

Please, remove the Entware tag from the thread title because your questions have nothing to do with Entware. Thank you!
Gudiance/suggestion appreciated and I'll give it a try ... you have been very responsive and helpful! I'll let you know if I have additional questions. Otherwise, enjoy the remainder of you day!
Sorry about, suggestion appreicated, and I'll be more careful in the future. However, I'm still learning and don't see how to remove tag from established thread. Have you remove tags and if so, do you mind sharing instructions?
Got it and it worked ... many thanks for patience and assistance!

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