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Release Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.6 is now available

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Does ASUS provide WireGuard updates? From which of these repositories, wireguard-linux, wireguard-tools or another one, can we check if the current version (1.0.20210124) is up to date?
It's from here:

Asus have not updated it since the initial beta release but the repository is now on:

I have compiled entware kernel modules with the latest release for AC86U and AX88U here: https://github.com/ZebMcKayhan/Wireguard
Factory reset, then fresh install Merlin... all work great ... just this button dont work... nothing in logs...
Factory reset, then fresh install Merlin... all work great ... just this button dont work... nothing in logs...
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Click on the reboot button, then after 10 minutes check the uptime in System Logs - will give a clear indication whether the reboot happened or not. seems a very strange network mask to me.
You've done something very strange here anyway. I know you've already double flashed the firmware to make sure nothing lingered. Something just isn't right here.
Disable the reboot scheduler, it shouldn't be needed.
I spotted in your log that syslogd and klogd are starting so the button itself is working just not a complete reboot. The scheduled reboot could have something to do with it, but the lack of anyone else posting about this I say maybe not.
script removed... problem not solved... i wrote that problem is even with clean Merlin installation and without any script...
Have you tried official asus firmware? This is looking like hardware failure.
What kind of Factory reset?
The full with initialize one; via button; tried to do it twice in a row..?

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