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Release Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.6 is now available

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A lot of instability on this latest version...
So I'm wondering whether it wouldn't be better to go back to version 388.5 or even 388.4 while waiting for a fix.
Previously, version 388.4 ran for over 170 days without a single crash. With version 388.6_2 : 3 hours and even 20 hours later, I started having bugs as indicated earlier in this thread.

You're back to 388.6, but isn't there a dnsmask problem with this version ?
problem solved today, completely uninstall diversion, reboot the GT-60000, install 3004.388.6_2, reinstall latest version of diversion 5.1.1 that was released this morning.

everything looks good so far.
@Dedel66 ; @Xboxsx4life

I've done a clean installation twice now...

=> The first time, a wifi laptop crashed the clients list (it still appeared online even though the PC had been switched off)
=> Yesterday, the web server crashed due to a change in client icons... this is the first time I've had trouble with a version.

I'm going to try one last manual reset with the WPS method and reconfigure everything manually to see (and leave the default customer icons)
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: potentially unexpected fatal signal 11.
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: CPU: 3 PID: 1185 Comm: httpds Tainted: P O 4.1.51 #2
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: Hardware name: Broadcom-v8A (DT)
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: task: ffffffc032b2f500 ti: ffffffc02dd1c000 task.ti: ffffffc02dd1c000
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: PC is at 0xf6b81b10
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: LR is at 0xf6b85068
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: pc : [<00000000f6b81b10>] lr : [<00000000f6b85068>] pstate: 20000010
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: sp : 00000000ffb7eac8
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x12: 0000000000000001
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x11: 00000000000a23a3 x10: 00000000000a6a23
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x9 : 00000000002947f8 x8 : 00000000000a4e4e
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x7 : 00000000002e98c8 x6 : 00000000f6b85baa
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x5 : 00000000002e2ca8 x4 : 00000000002f7108
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x3 : 00000000fffffffe x2 : 00000000f6922800
Mar 1 15:12:41 kernel: x1 : 0000000000000000 x0 : 00000000002f7108
Mar 1 15:12:59 watchdog: start httpd
Mar 1 15:12:59 rc_service: watchdog 1194:notify_rc start_httpd
Mar 1 15:12:59 RT-AX88U: start https:****
Mar 1 15:12:59 RT-AX88U: start httpd:80
Mar 1 15:12:59 httpd: Succeed to init SSL certificate...****
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Personally, no. I don't use any addons or scripts...
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A lot of instability on this latest version
I doubt that. Maybe just a lot of coincidence.
Rock solid in my setup - coming up on 4 days.
I'm going to try one last manual reset with the WPS method and reconfigure everything manually to see (and leave the default customer icons)
Without a manual reconfiguration it will be no clean installation. So please don ´t use any copy of jffs-backups.
As far as I'm aware the issue with icons was caused by the server going down. Should be good now.
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=> The first time, a wifi laptop crashed the clients list (it still appeared online even though the PC had been switched off)
The Ethernet port Can still be ON even with PC off (if for example wake from LAN option is on).
On my home GT-AX6000 the same thing happen with (3004.388.6_2 nand), some wireless clients (android phones on the guest network) couldn't obtain IP address, some other clients were connected (PC laptops on the main network) but with no internet access.

I have double flash , reboot, disabling and re enabling Wi-Fi and guest network and didn't solve the issue.
Then I saw the posts that are saying that diversion is causing dnsmask to crash, so I disable diversion but the problem remains.

I had no other choice so I rolled back to (3004.388.6_0 nand) and everything is working normal again.

The fanny thing is that on my office RT-AX88U that has the same settings and add-ons none of the above is happening, everything seams to work fine for two days now.

Any way I will wait for a fix / solution for the problem 3004.388.6_0 is working fine, my only concerns are the CVE 2023-50868 and CVE 2023-50387 that the update resolves.
I have no issues with 3004.388.6_2 nand on my GT-AX6000 at home:
As far as I'm aware the issue with images was caused by the server going down. Should be good now.
He meant client icon and names - when changed, router crashes...
Like here, where you responded
Doesn't matter where in the GUI, the icon source is the same.
Doesn't matter where, the icon source is the same.
I might be wrong, but those are internal to the router, not fetched ones like for ASUS devices..?

No I am wrong! 😅
They are fetched!!
That's seams like a weird thing to do... 🙄
I was working on adding a name to a new client in the "View List" on the "Network Map" page and it won't save. It's the IP device. In looking at all places where this device is listed I find some really weird stuff going on.

First snip is the Client list, second snip is from "System Log - Wireless Log", third snip is "System Log - DHCP Lease" list. Things to note, Client List shows the device on 2.4GHz and when I edit the client name it doesn't save like in prior Merlin firmwares, Wireless log shows the device on 5GHz, and lastly the DHCP lease shows the client at and is not in the DHCP lease list. The device is really IP and is on the 2.4GHz radio as I shut off the 5GHz radio and still answers to ping. Other than this strangeness in these lists the router seems to be working just fine. My sig shows router and current firmware.
Client List.jpg

Wireless Log.jpg

DHCP Lease.jpg

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