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Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.10 is now available for AC models

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Using Scribe/UIScribe - guess that counts as a remote Syslog server. If these are notification messages, I am not sure if there it a log_level value I can use to filter them out that won't impact other stuff. Would building a filter for scribe for these to clean up the logs (and logrotate because it's flooding the log) help mitigate the noise these generate in the log?
Sorry to reply so late, but the latest version of scribe, if you allow it to update the filters, includes a filter (in /opt/share/syslog-ng/examples) and a logrotate file (in /opt/share/logrotate/examples) called 'meshUDB' That will filter out the 'not mesh client' and 'not exist in UDB' messages.
Hello guys, not sure if anyone else had experienced/reported this issue, but since upgrading the AC86U from 386.7_2 to the next version, 386.9_0 or last one 386.10_0 , the OpenVPN Server speed has decreased dramatically

Example ok
OpenVPN Server : AC86U 386.7_2
OpenVPN Client : AX86U 388.2 Speed Dwn 150 Mb / Up 40 Mb

Example nok :
OpenVPN Server : AC86U 386.9_0 or 386.10_0
OpenVPN Client : AX86U 388.2 Speed Dwn 30 Mb / Up 4-5 Mb

Reverting back the AC86U to v. 386.7_2 restores the speed of the client connection , any ideas what may cause this ?
Already known about by multiple people, including Merlin himself. Has to do with a more recent OpenSSL version.

I'll add another VPN speed data point. It's been a while since I used the VPN client so I have no idea which firmware version I was on but my speeds were routinely around 250 Mbps (symmetric) using PIA with AES-128-GCM. On 386.10 I'm seeing around 120 Mbps.
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