YazFi Asuswrt-Merlin and Yazfi - Separate VPN on SSID with AiMesh


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Hi Community,

Im hoping someone can help me solve what I would imagine is a simple problem. Im open to all ideas.

I have three Asus Routers running 385 firmware. 1 RT-AC88U and 2 RT-AC68U'w. They are running AiMesh, with ethernet backhaul. All is working fine.

SSID1 : Internet over WAN interface
SSID 2 : OVPN Client

Im using Yazfi to achieve the above, by separating SSID 2 with its separate IP addressing scheme and redirecting all trafic using VPN Director over to the VPN client. This works well, when connected the main AiMesh router, but when i roam to the nodes, the connection drops and reconnects and the VPN capability doesnt work. Further the DHCP address I get isnt one from Yazfi, but one from the main DHCP scope.

I have to believe im doing something wrong,or Yazfi doenst support AiMesh nodes. Irrespective, id love your thoughts on how I could achieve this please, as its been driving me crazy.

Thanks all for your help and support.

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