AX88U kernel: protocol 0800 is buggy

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All started with my network being down so I rebooted my router and when it came back up it still wasn't connecting to the internet so I rebooted everything modem and 2 routers. Once it came back up I still couldn't access the internet but I was able log into my router via IP address and when I checked the logs all I saw was "kernel: protocol 0800 is buggy". I even noticed my addons were gone and the time and date was off like it couldn't sync with the NTP server. I did some research on the error and from looking through on here I see a lot were saying to enable Guest 2 so I did that and it seem to work momentarily but the error came back but at least my time and time synced up. My addons unfortunately didn't come back up so I rebooted and it seemed to cycle the issue again. So far as of now my internet is running and the NTP was able to sync but still getting that kernal error.

Main: AX88U
Secondary: AC5300 (AiMesh Mode)
Firmware: 386.1_2
Addons: Diversion, Skynet, and uiScribe and scribe


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Update: I just installed latest firmware 386.2 but I'm still getting the issue where NTP won't sync or takes a long and the kernal buggy error.


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Update 2: I changed the NTP primary link to from and now the time is syncing. I haven't seen that kernal buggy error yet and now trying to get my addons back up.

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