AX88U throttling speed from modem

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I have an AX88U with the latest merlin firmware. It seems very stable. Recently, I upgraded my speed from comcast from 400 to 800. At 400, it always ran at rated speed. When I run the router's speed test now, I'm getting around 600, instead of 800. (Wifi speeds are, of course a bit slower). When I test the speed directly from the cable modem, it ranges from 800-900. I've turnd off any type of QOS in the router. I've also tried turing off AI protection. None of these make a difference.

Can anyone tell me what might be going on? Is this a firmware issue, or is the router just maxing out its capablities at around 600...or is the internal speed test just wrong? I've neve rhad any issues when my comcast speed was supposed to be 400.

Basic question, do I need a more current router, or is there a system change I can make.



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You are correct. When I tested wired directly to the router, the speed tested as it should. I wonder why the internal speed test is not accurate. At any rate, thanks! You've saved me from buying a new router :)


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It was reported multiple times with faster ISP connections. Nothing to worry about. Your router is one of the best Asus routers at the moment with the same CPU/RAM as current favorite AX86U. You have more LAN ports, AX86U has one 2.5Gbps port.


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Yeah the internal speed test is not accurate, I have the very same router, 900meg downloads on ethernet and 600meg speeds on Wifi 5


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Thanks for everyone's speedy replies! It saved me from hours of tweaking :). I wonder why it has never been fixed? Ah well, above my paygrade.

At any rate, for the first time, I'm now seeing some speed degradation between the speed I get from the modem, and what wifi can deliver throughtout the house. When I only got 300 at the modem, my speeds stayed close to that almost everywhere. Now that I have 800, my actual wifi speeds range from 500 to 750, depending on my location. It makes sense, but interesting I never ran into it with lower speeds.

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