AX88U USB not detected after reboot


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Hello all,

Really appreciate if you could provide any pointers to problem I am having with my AX88U. It's running 386.2_4 currently, but since last several upgrades as well, after a reboot, the USB key (I have tried different models and brands) is not detected, and I need to remove and plug again and then it's detected and mounted immediately.
Just wondering if there's any command line I could use to do this via SSH, saving me having to go to loft after each reboot.
I tried number of commands such as detect_usb_devices from the available commands in SSH (by pressing tab key twice) but did not find any that managed to do it.
Many Thanks.


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//AX88U 386.2_4

My USB got stuck in read-only mode yesterday night and I cannot mount it anymore... I guess it died of Diversion and Skynet logging...


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USB key works, if I just unplug and plug back again, it mounts up and works fine, until next reboot


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Thank you,

hotplug2 gives
[sighandler]: No more events to be processed, quitting.
[cleanup]: Waiting for children.
[cleanup]: All children terminated.

but no change.
Also tried, autodet, hotplug, usb_modeswitch, usb_notify, usbmode, disk_remove, and learned what some of those commands does :)

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