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CenturyLink C4000LG Modem/router?

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Phil P

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CenturyLink C4000LG Modem/router?

Hello All

A little of my back ground.

I got certification as A+ tech and Network+ by Comptia 20+ years ago.

So my experience and training are very old.

Here is my question.

The CenturyLink C400LG is manufactured by at least 3 diffract companies however they are supposed to be all configured the same.

I have several computers working on the wireless LAN I tried to hard wire one of them and can’t get a connection. I don’t have a second CAT5 cable to check my cable with.

My question is can anyone here tell me if the CAT 5 ports on this modem are active under the default software configuration?

Thank in advance

Phil P


Part of the Furniture
Is that a C400 or C4000 ? All i get on google is C4000.

can you check your cable by plugging into two devices ( PC to PC for example) and see what the sync rate is either by the sync lite on the port or what the operating system is reporting ?

If you get a sync lite on the C400LG or the PC, that will tell you a speed and that the port/cable is working. You may not have internet access though.

The user manual indicates all ports should be functional, so i would guess either the PC lan port or the cable are having issues. Does device manager in windows indicate an issue with the LAN port or driver ?

Have you tried with a second PC ?
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