News CES 2021: TP-Link Introduces New Consumer Home Products

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
This week at CES 2021, TP-Link introduced three new home networking products: a 5G Wi-Fi 6 gateway, a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system, and a new home network security service.

The new Deco X80-5G is TP-Link’s new 5G whole home Wi-Fi 6 gateway which delivers maximum download speeds up to 5 Gbps. Available in select markets, the new AX6000 dual-band gateway will have maximum wireless speeds of 4804 Mbps @ 5GHz and 1148 Mbps @ 2.4GHz as well as two Ethernet ports (2.5 Gbps + 1 Gbps) and VoLTE/VoIP Telephony for VoIP and DECT support.
The second announced item is the Deco Voice X20 Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. Designed with a built-in smart speaker, the 2-node Deco Voice X20 comes integrated with Amazon Alexa, enabling voice command functionality, music streaming, and smart home management. The Deco Voice X20 covers up to 4,000 feet and supports seamless roaming and other mesh-related features.
Lastly, TP-Link is introducing HomeShield, a network/IoT security service that’s already included with some of the just-announced Wi-Fi 6e products from CES. HomeShield uses a real-time scanner to identify, monitor and alert when a security issue occurs. The service generates relevant threat and online usage time reports, blocks malicious URLs, fixes network vulnerabilities, and prevents DDoS attacks by recording abnormal incoming traffic.
Release dates and pricing for TP-Link’s upcoming products were not announced, but for more information and other CES announcements, you can visit
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