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Frontier FCA251/FCA252 networks limited to 2 MoCA nodes when operating at 1475-1675 MHz ?!?!

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TL;DR: Frontier FCA251/FCA252 networks appear to be limited to 2 MoCA nodes when operating at 1475-1675 MHz

I went through several iterations of different combinations of 3 FCA252/FCA251 adapters, operating at 1475-1675 MHz, attempting connection:
  • any pair always connected if 3rd was powered off; (pic1, pic4)
  • powering and attempting to connect 3rd adapter always failed; (pic2, pic5)
  • powering off either of the connected adapters would allow powered 3rd adapter to connect. (pic3, pic4)
So it’s a 2-node-only limit for both the FCA252 and FCA251 (aka WF-803FT) adapters when operating at this upper frequency range, intended for a 2-node-only WAN connection:
  • FCA252[1GW]: 1475-1675 MHz
  • FCA251[WAN]: 1475-1675 MHz
I’d thought this setting would be useful for people trying to avoid DOCSIS 3.1 interference, but this node limit makes them mostly unusable outside the WAN intent.

.p.s. Reports indicate that the FCA252["25GW"] setting doesn't impose the same limitation, at least not a limit of 2.

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