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  1. mthomp

    Another newbie, looking to see if I have setup correct

    I have: OTA antenna, with amp, coming to coax splitter, that routes signal to 2 TVs (expanding soon to 3 TVs). Router wired to switch (plus wireless devices). The router is next to one of the TVs. I am considering a set (2 for now) -- Bonded 2.0 MoCA adapters (TrendNet TMO-311C2K. I'm not a...
  2. N

    Home network setup help

    Hi everyone! I’m absolutely new to networking and hoping to set things up our new home to allow the family to work and play without seeing dreaded buffering or latency problems in the years to come! Unfortunately the house is not wired for Ethernet but it does have coax wired to the basement...
  3. I

    Help with Frontier/MoCa/Router with static IPs

    Just got a Frontier Fiber business account that has 5 static IPs. The tech wired it from ONT to in-house Sagemcom FAST5290 router using existing coax. I'm having a lot of trouble provisioning out the static IPs from there to my internal equipment. It seems like the IPs are not really...
  4. S

    Help setting up a new MOCA network

    Hi all, I am having some trouble setting up my first MOCA network. I recently purchased a pair of Actiontec ECB6200's (I'll get to this in a minute but it seems that they are ECB7250s) along with a Actiontec WCB6200Q. I live in an apartment, but I have a bundle of Coax in my bedroom closet that...
  5. javier77

    Moca amplifier with cable modem

    Hi. I have been trying to fix my internet connection without success. I live in Venezuela and the cable company doesn’t send anyone to check the cause of the problem, so I’m trying to find a solution. I have Tv and internet via coaxial wire. The internet service doesn’t work properly. I bought...
  6. B

    Will MoCA Adapter Go Above Paid ISP Speed?

    Hello! I’ve read conflicting comments about MoCA adapters being able to go beyond the speed paid for from your ISP. If I have 100 mbps from my ISP, would this adapter bypass this speed and reach near gigabit speeds or is the adapter dependent on my ISP, remaining unchanged? Thanks for the help!
  7. G

    Frontier fiber internet - Can I build a Moca LAN

    Hello Everyone, Currently I have Frontier fiber internet, and use coax connection. The ONT box is located outside the house, and the technician put a Frontier FCA251 MoCA adapter in the ONT. In my study room, coax cable from my wall Jack connect to another Frontier Moca adapter, and then use...
  8. D

    MoCA 2.5 Packet Loss (GameStream/Moonlight Stuttering)

    I have a gaming PC in my bonus room, and I use GameStream/Moonlight to stream games to an NVIDIA Shield Pro in my living room. My network consists of three TP-Link Deco X60 mesh routers with three GoCoax WF-803M MoCA 2.5 adapters (see attached network diagram.) I stream at 1080P 60FPS and it...
  9. A

    Asus XT8 or Asus ET8?

    Hey all, wanted to get your thoughts on these two routers. First off a little bit about my needs, I have a 1000 down/30 up connection from my ISP (currently being heavily underutilized because of the very very old wireless router that I had laying around). My house is an older (~1960s) 2-storey...
  10. S

    Best MoCa/DeCa adapters for RG-59 cables? (re: no cable tv/satellite)

    My home is unfortunately wired using RG-59 (instead of RG-6) cables but I'd like to extend the network to the second floor. I've tried using wireless but it's not stable enough and I'd prefer a hard-wired connection. I don't have any cable television or satellite so my RG-59 cables are...
  11. T

    WAX206 as MoCA Access Points

    I have an Xfinity XB7 gateway with wireless turned off, so it functions as my router. The 2.5GbE port goes to a TP-Link unmanaged switch with 2.5GbE ports. I have ActionTec ECB7250’s at three points in my home including coming out of the initial switch, and I have another in my office with the...
  12. kelllogg9

    MOCA 2.0 Help Needed - Why Are my Speeds Slow in 1 Direction?

    The Problem: I have two PCs (both Win10). Both have the same specs. When i transfer from PC1 to PC2 across the 1Gbps network i get 112MB/s. However, when transferring the same file (after clearing the system file cache via RAMMap) from PC2 to PC1 i only get 50-70MB/s. My guess is the...
  13. D

    Translite Global TL-MC84 MOCA 2.5 not working with my Xfinity 1GBPS plan with dedicated switch and router

    Hello Everyone, I am using Xfinity 1GBPS net plan and my setup has a dedicated switch(SB8200) and Router TP LINK Archer AX6000 My Setup: I have a coax port(Xfinity Internet) which connects to modem and then ethernet LAN1 of modem to my router WAN port. I now want to use MOCA 2.5 in my media...
  14. J

    Second device not working on home MoCA network

    Hi, I have Cox home internet service. I am using MoCA to run internet to a WiFi router and to a second device. I've put a wiring diagram below. The WiFi router is working fine but the second device is not getting internet. This is true regardless of which second device I use (PC, Roku...
  15. S

    Help with MoCA Setup

    I'm setting up a MoCA 2.5 network at my house for the first time and have a few questions I'm hoping the experts here can help my with before I start. First off, my house seems like it is wired perfectly for MoCA. I have six separate runs of RG6 coax, all of which terminate in my garage where...
  16. WhiteZero

    MoCA effectively operates at half-duplex internally? Performance using 3+ devices?

    I'm preparing to buy a new house and planning out my network. It was built in 2003 and has coax outlets in just about every room, so I'm thinking MoCA will be a good solution for me, at least until I can evaluate the possibility of running CAT6 everywhere. I've been spending the past week...
  17. JWadle

    MoCA and TiVo

    My network uses two Actiontec ECB6200 MoCA adapters - one to create the MoCA network and a second on the floor below. Other MoCA devices include a TiVo BOLT, TiVo Roamio and three TiVo Minis (v2). My Internet service is 1Gbs and typically tests at 850-950Mbs via a PC downstream of my modem...
  18. D

    Tutorial What does a moca POE filter do for my moca network ?

    See section 2.4.5 section 2.4.6 for amps
  19. D

    Cutting Cable, Will go with 1GB/s Xfinity: Would like suggestions on coverage and gaming

    Hi, So right now I have an Asus AC-5300 running Merlin. The house is Colonial with the family room on the side. So think Colonial house with an extra bottom half next to it. Roughly 3000+ with basement. The router is in the middle bedroom upstairs and covers most of the house OK, but the deck...
  20. J

    Mixed MoCA adapters on same network

    Hello everyone. Thanks to the posts on SNB I started experimenting with MoCA. I’ve had really bad experience with HPNA and the inflated ratings, so I was pleasantly surprised that my two Bonded Actiontec MoCA 2.0 adapters were able to get 850+ mbps. Now I am looking at expanding this setup...