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Gigabit, Wireless N router, with remote control and WoL abillity

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For my home networking I have ASUS WL-500gP V1 at home, using alternative WRT (Oleg, OpenWRT, DD-WRT) firmwares. This box is rock stable (same HW as Linksys WRT-54GL, but more RAM, better CPU). But It has only 100Mb LAN and Wifi b/g. I have bought a Gigabit D-link switch to obtain Gigabit speed in home LAN, but LAN to WLAN i limited by lower speed of Asus router.

So I'm thinking to replace it by some Gigabit Router with Wifi N radio to get better througput LAN <--> WLAN. I definitely need a stable firmware, or even better some alternative firmware options. I definitely need a WoL function to wake up some computers in LAN via internet, so I need a remote control for the router too. All these functions can be obtained by alternative firmwares like OpenWRT. Then I can ssh to router and send a magic packet using ether-wake utility to LAN. But I would be satisfied with proprietary firmware too, if it has remonte control ability a WoL ability, and if it will be rock stable....

thank you for any ideas.

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