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GT_AX6000 Slow 2.5G LAN port

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Helder Santos

Regular Contributor

Lately when I perform a speedtest from my server connected to the 2.5G Lan port on the GT-AX6000
I'm no longer able to reach download 1200Mbps... stuck to maximum of 750Mbps
Upload stil at 950Mbps like before.

What could be the issue... everything was ok until a few days ago.
The speedtest on the router itself I get 1350/950

Does a simple reboot of all routers/nodes solve this issue for now?
I did twice before posting here...

Today I left both modem and router turned off for 15minutes
After I turned the modem first
Speed at the modem was 1650/950
Then turned on Router
Speed at router 1650/925
And finally the computer
Speed at computer connected to 2.5GLan back to 1350/750

Not sure what happened!

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