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Guest Network Disables After Reboot

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I have an ASUS RT-AX88U router that is running RT-AX88U_388.2_2 firmware. I have a Guest Network setup that I use to connect to every day when working from home. I had my router set so that every Monday night at 5am, my router would perform a scheduled reboot. However, when it does this, my Guest Network is then completely disabled. Is there a setting I can enable to prevent this from happening? If not, is this a feature I can request from the developers of Merlin? In the interim, I have disabled the scheduled reboot. Thanks all.
Welcome to the forums @skynet-js.

What is the reason for rebooting weekly? A scheduled reboot is usually used to hide a problem. I would suggest you fix it instead if you're actually having one.

As for the fact that rebooting actually disables the GN, that points to the router not being in a good/known state on its own.
Thank you @L&LD for your reply, but you made a few incorrect statements that won't help me.

A scheduled reboot is usually used to hide a problem.

I schedule a reboot every week because years ago, routers were impacted by malware and security experts suggested that the routers be rebooted. Every since then, I've just scheduled a weekly reboot solely for peace of mind.

As for the fact that rebooting actually disables the GN, that points to the router not being in a good/known state on its own.

How would this indicate that my router is not in a good/known state? It literally works flawlessly and this is the only quirk I've dealt with in the 3 years I've owned it. If my router was defective, as you're implying, I would have other issues aside from a disappearing guest network after a reboot.
Half a decade is a long time ago, I would hardly call it applicable today, given that the root cause has been addressed in recent firmware. The statements I've made are not incorrect, today.

I've never heard of a reboot disabling the GN. This is what leads me to my conclusion that your router is not in a good/known state.

We're observing the same thing and coming to different conclusions. Good luck following yours. I hope you're able to track it down quickly and efficiently.

If you don't, the following may be of use.

Flash the firmware to the latest available for the model that you want to use. But first, safely remove any USB devices and reboot the router via the GUI. Remove all LAN cables (at least from Ports 5-8. Do not use Ports 5-8 (at least, not until you've fully tested your router after following the process outlined here).

After flashing the firmware (and it's okay to flash the same version firmware), follow the link below to fully reset your router to factory defaults.

For some models, resetting doesn't work fully with the above. If your router is exhibiting unexpected behaviors (as it is now), also perform a GUI reset too (make sure you select the button to 'Fully initialize all settings...' too.

Now, minimally and manually configure your router to secure it and connect to your ISP.

Note that toggling settings on/off are not the same as leaving those settings at defaults in the first place. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform the steps above once more to bring the router back to a good/known state.

The links below give more details to achieve the above.

I'd like to emphasize that using ports 5-8 on Asus routers is a bit of a gamble for at least some users. I would recommend you buy a $30 switch and connect it to Ports 1-4 and simply ignore using Ports 5-8 on the router. If you want to have a stable, reliable, and dependable network.

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